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Adjoa Andoh (Lady Danbury on Bridgerton) Wiki, Husband, & Parents

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Adjoa Andoh Wikipedia

Adjoa Aiboom Helen Andoh, or famously known as Adjoa Andoh, is an English actress. The public admires her due to her recent stint in the streaming TV period drama, Bridgerton. Adjoa has achieved a lot in her chosen path – working in radio, theater, TV, and films. 

Before Bridgerton, she became renowned for her character in the biological sports drama film Invictus as Brenda Mazibuko and in the TV series Casualty as Colette Kierney/Griffiths and Doctor Who as Francine Jones. Adjoa is also recognized for her performances in numerous familiar UK theatres, like the Almeida Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre, the National Theatre, and RSC. She is popular as Lady Danbury on Bridgerton.

In addition, she is a blissfully wedded woman to her husband, Howard Cunnell. And they have three children. There are some details to know about Adjoa Andoh’s life, so let’s check out this article now.

Adjoa Andoh in Bridgerton Cast as Lady Danbury

The veteran actress is Lady Danbury in the Bridgerton period drama. Lady Danbury is a hypercritical, sharp-witted VIP who runs the town. She acts as a godmother to the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset. She took care of and raised Simon as his son after his mother passed away minutes after giving birth. And since his father neglected him several times. 

Lady Danbury is a dowager who can be formidable, heartwarming, and peerless. She gives a whole meaning of what being a mother is and lectures on being a parent. When Simon’s father, apathetic with his improvement and described him as his biggest disappointment, you could see the worried face of Lady Danbury. A look all mothers felt instantly – rage, protectiveness, and the sorrow of understanding your kid is in distress. 

Her authoritarian personality and blatant intellect are a refreshing change in the realm of reserved, fantasizing young ladies. Even the chic Simon has no choice but to obey her loathly. 

Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury Bridgerton
Bridgerton star, Adjoa Andoh

Adjoa Andoh has announced that she is very thrilled to be one of the casts of the period drama. She also emphasized that the series supports sexuality, race, and age, which is meaningful to her. 

The actress expressed in an interview that her character is a little impatient and does not tolerate stupidity in others. Andjoa also believes that many women, mothers, aunties, and godmothers, can relate to her. And she liked to show appreciation to them as Lady Danbury. According to her, you can be an elderly lady and still burn with passion, get a lot of enjoyment in life, and do all things with dignity, self-importance, and extraordinary. And she also added that you could be someone full of love, understanding, and wisdom.

 Wikipedia (Age, Measurement, and Education)

Adjoa Andoh was born on the 14th January 1963 in Clifton, Bristol, England. She is 58 years old as of 2021. While she hails from Bristol, she was raised in a village in Wickwar in Gloucestershire. The actress is of British nationality and has a mixed descent of White and Black. 

Likewise, she has black eyes, matching her black hair. Adjoa has a height of 162.5 cm or 5’4″ and a weight of 123.5 lbs or 56 kg.

Bridgerton cast, Adjoa Andoh
Bridgerton cast, Adjoa Andoh


She attended the Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School in Gloucestershire. Then took up a bachelor of law at Bristol Polytechnic. However, Adjoa withdrew from the course and stopped schooling to follow his dream of becoming an actress.

Her Husband and Kids

Adjoa Andoh enjoys a contentedly married life. The American writer and mentor, Howard Cunnell, is Adjoa’s husband. They tied the knot in March 2001 in a private wedding ceremony hall. 

Howard Cunnell is a writer by profession. He is currently working as a lecturer and a writing consultant. He has penned or revised books such as The Original Scroll, Marine Boy, The Sea On Fire, Father and Sons, and The Painter’s friend. Father and Sons’ book was one of the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week during 2017. Its story is about a fatherless man and his blended family. 

Adoja Andoh husband, Howard Cunnell
Adoja Andoh husband, Howard Cunnell

Adjoa’s husband also carries a Ph.D. degree in American Literature from the University of London. Moreover, he worked as a Leverhulme Fellow at the University of Sussex in Brighton. He also taught creative writing for 15 years, and his latest was at the University of North Carolina as a guest assistant professor. His work went from instructor to fiction editor to writer. In addition, he also has a webpage where his memoirs, novels, and the latest news about him. 

The couple has been living together for about 20 years and has welcomed three kids – two daughters, Jesse and Daisy, and a son, Liam. There are no indications of conflicts and any romantic entanglement. According to Adjoa, Howard is so supportive and considerate.


The actress’ parents are from different lineages. Adjoa’s father was a journalist and musician from Ghana. He was also employed at British Aerospace. And her mother was a British teacher. Addedly, Adjoa also has a brother named Yeofi, who grew up with her.

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