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Who is Bessie Carter from “Bridgerton”?

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Bessie Carter from "Bridgerton"

We all know Bessie Carter from the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton as Prudence Featherington. But outside of the show, she’s a hardworking actress who came from a humble beginning. Let’s explore her personal information like career, relationship status, and her popular movies and tv shows.

Bessie Carter as Prudence Featherington in the Netflix show, Bridgerton

Bessie Carter portrays Prudence Featherington in the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton. She is the eldest amongst the three of her siblings, Philipa & Penelope Featherington. If you’re describing Prudence’s romantic status, she’s been unlucky so far.

Prudence from Bridgerton has been single for two years straight, unable to find a proper suitor for her marriage. But even though she has a lousy romantic relationship, she fully supports her younger sisters’ romantic interests.

Amidst not finding a suitor yet, she continuously tries. But it was ultimately put to a halt when Marina Thompson appeared. Thompson is their distant cousin, graceful and beautiful, who placed every suitor on their knees at an instant.

Marina Thompson, unfortunately, had an unplanned pregnancy later in the show. This caused a scandalous commotion to the Featheringtons. As a result of the scandal, the Featheringtons’ relatives and other royalties treated them poorly.

Bessie Carter as Prudence Featherington on Bridgertone
Bessie Carter plays the role of Prudence Featherington on Bridgertone

Eventually, the gossip subsided. And later, the Featheringtons got invited to a party they wholeheartedly enjoyed. Philipa was the most ecstatic at the party as she spent time dancing with her romantic interest, Albion Finch.

However, the siblings were welcomed by dreaded news once they got home; their father had already died.

Prudence’s life was certainly not the smooth and best, but we hope she has more upcoming character development in the show’s second season.

Is Bessie Carter in a Relationship?

To answer your question: Yes, Bessie Carter is in a relationship. She is proudly a lesbian and currently dates fellow actor and celebrity Leonie Benesch.


Bessie and Leonie are not yet engaged nor have children.

Her Career

Now, let’s talk about Bessie’s career as an actress. She already made her goal of going into the entertainment industry, early childhood. Bessie Carter was born in London on October 25, 1993, to parents Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter, who are well-known actors in their time until today.

As for her education, she enlisted at Francis Holland School. But later on, she transferred to state school Camden School for Girls, where she completed her alternative learning courses for college.

Howards End’s actress pursued a college degree in drama at the Guildhall School of music, where she graduated in 2016, leaving with an award for Best Spotlight Actor of the year.

Bridgertone cast, Bessie along with her parents
Bessie Carter Parents

Bessie’s career began in 2007 with her parents in a show called Cranford. Since then, her career branched out to stage and films, including the famous musical Les Miserables, Howard’s End, Beecham House, and finally, Bridgerton.

Indeed, Bessie’s career had a foundation built around her parents and strives to continue the legacy of their family’s celebrity bloodline with her own style and spunk of acting.

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