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Bridgerton Cast: Who Left and Who Are with Us

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Bridgerton Casts Who Left and Who Are with Us

Suppose you want to have a steamy period drama worth binge-watching this holiday, then Netflix’s Bridgerton might be your cup of tea. The drama was derived from Julia Quinn‘s romance novels and produced by the most influential executive in the US TV scene, Shonda Rhimes. 

The sensational series is touted as a romantic, explicit, and brilliant drama that rides on the aristocracy’s rich and noble Bridgerton family. When Bridgerton was renewed for its second season, there were some differences in where the drama revolves. But that doesn’t indicate that fans are bidding farewell to some fan-favorites of season one, plus there are also plenty of new characters to watch out for.

Here’s everything you have to know about the old and new characters- who left and who are still in the series.

Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Harriet Dynevor, or famously known as Phoebe Dynevor, portrays the character of Daphne Bridgerton, Duchess of Hastings, the fourth Bridgerton child, and eldest daughter. Daphne is the leading cast for the first season of the drama series, Bridgerton. 

In season 1, Daphne Bridgerton quests to find a respectable husband. With her elegance, allure, and substantial marriage settlement, it has to be relatively uncomplicated. It’s just that her brother Anthony keeps on chasing off all the gentlemen in the Bridgerton estate. However, Anthony didn’t expect the impact of Daphne meeting the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset. 

Bridgerton Cast, Phoebe Dynevor
Phoebe Dynevor

However, in season 2, Daphne, along with Simon, will be assuming a secondary role following their lovely ending in season one as we saw Daphne give birth to a boy. She will still be around merely to help her siblings. 

Bridgerton cast Phoebe Dynevor started her career at an early age when she was cast in the TV drama series Waterloo Road 2006. Then she appeared in a recurring role for the shows Prisoner’s Wives, The Village, Dickensian, and Younger and had the leading role in Snatch.

 Rege-Jean Page

One of London’s most charming bachelors, Simon Basset, is played by Rege-Jean Page. Simon is an enigmatic man who returns to society after his father’s death and can claim his right. 

He has little concern about getting married. However, he got involved with Daphne Bridgerton’s quest to find his man. And as many things happened, the two chose to set things straight together. And shortly after, Daphne and Simon became a parent to their child. 

Bridgerton cast, Rege Jean Page
Rege Jean Page

Fans are a bit sad knowing Page won’t be returning to the second season of Bridgerton. Page understood his appearance would solely be during the premier season as his contract is only a one-season deal. In an interview, he even clarified that Quinn’s novel series is a compilation that centers on the sibling’s love journey in every book. While Page was called to be a part of Season 2 still, he declined the offer to concentrate on his film career. 

Aside from Bridgerton, Page is also famous for his portrayal in the remake of the 1977 miniseries Roots (2016) as Chicken George and in the legal drama show For the People (2018-19) as Leonard Knox. He also acted in well-known movies like Survivor (2015), Mortal Engines (2018), and Sylvie’s Love (2020).

Nicola Coughlan

Nicola Coughlan is an Irish actress portraying the character of the youngest Featherington daughter in Bridgerton, Penelope Featherington. Penelope is a highly gifted girl with a keen sense and sympathy, though she doesn’t get along with her Featheringtons family. She is a bit timid and would choose to modestly dance on the side of the ballroom instead of taking the spotlight. 

Penelope’s a complex protagonist who has engaging scenes and disappointing ones. She has an alter ego, Lady Whistledown, who pens a bulletin publicizing all the ton’s rumors. Until the finale of Season 1, it was said that Penelope is indeed Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton cast, Nicola Coughlan
Nicola Coughlan

 As per Nicole, when she met the showrunner, Chris van Dusen, he said that he and Rhimes saw her audition tape; Rhimes immediately knew that Nicole must be the one to portray Penelope in Bridgerton. Nicole also added that since she only had a few days before the audition, she didn’t have ample time to read Julia Quinn’s novels. And when she got the role, she started reading them. She was amazed at how she discovered a lot of hints on how to act like Penelope. 

Nicole Coughlan came into the limelight in 2018, when she landed two leading roles – Harlots as Hannah Dalton and Derry Girls as Clare Devlin.

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey was cast to play the character of Viscount Anthony Bridgerton in Bridgerton. Anthony is the eldest Bridgerton son and devoted head of the family since taking over his deceased father’s title of Viscount. 

He’s generally handsome, suave, and well-off; he’s the desirable romantic person on the marriage brokerage. He also has the responsibility to look for an ideal husband for Daphne and secure her crown jewel. However, for him, not a soul is suited for his sister. Aside from overseeing the family, Anthony is commonly called a ‘rake’ by the town residents. 

Bridgerton Cast, Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey

Viscount Anthony declared he wanted to join in matrimony during the last episode of Bridgerton Season 1. He utterly wants a gorgeous and intelligent spouse and unquestionably not a lady he could ever render genuine feelings for. Then Season 2 focuses and explores further the life of Anthony. The Viscount will attempt to settle a wedding ceremony to Edwina Sharma, though he will discover Cupid’s plan is, in actuality, leading him towards Kate. 

Bridgerton cast Jonathan Bailey has been in the industry since 1997 when he debuted from the national TV as William Kilshaw in the TV series Bramwell. Since then, he has been active both in films and TV series. His prominent roles include Stephen Martin in The Golden Hour, Danny Gordon in Off the Hook, Leonardo de Vinci in Leonardo, Alfie in Me and Mrs. Jones, and Tom Mason in Groove High.

Harriet Cains

Harriet Cains is an English actress who portrays the role of the middle child of the Featherington family, Philipa Featherington. Not explicitly recognized for her intelligence or wit, and she’s only concerned with one thing: looking for her better half. 

Philipa and her other sister, Prudence Featherington, could not get married throughout the whole social season. Even though their mother was firmed about arranging a marriage to Prudence and Philipa, the sisters wrapped up season 1 with no consort. 

Bridgerton Cast, Harriet Cains
Harriet Cains

Cains is among those lucky actresses who made a name for themselves early in their chosen professions. She had her acting debut in the TV series Doctors. Since then, Bridgerton’s cast has been acting in several films and other TV shows, including Love Interest, Hollyoaks Later, In The Flesh, Safe House, Sweet Maddie Store, and Marcela.

Bessie Carter

Bessie Carter plays the character of Prudence Featherington, the eldest Featherington daughter in the romantic drama Bridgerton. 

Viciously steaming the marriage brokerage for a third term, Prudence is already regarded as too old to get married. Since her debut, she had been unfortunate in finding her partner for the whole first and second years; hence, she was getting ready to go for the third time. 

Maybe this has something to do with the eldest not possessing the exemplary figure, as described by Lady Whistledown. However, neither Prudence nor her mother would acknowledge it. 

Bridgerton cast, Bessie Carter
Bessie Carter

The Featherington sisters are very close in real life. Bessie told in an interview that she, together with her two onscreen siblings (Harriet Cains and Nicola Coughlan), have a chat group to get in touch when not on-set. Bessie also revealed that they once hung out in a bar and had some tequila. 

If you’re not that familiar with Bridgerton cast, Bessie Carter, she is the daughter of Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton. Bessie secured a leap forward by participating in the British TV series Cranford as Margaret Gidman. After that, various TV shows were offered to her, including the drama adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novel, Bridgerton.

Ruth Gemmell

Ruth Gemmel portrays the mother of the eight children of Bridgerton, Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton. She can regard each person with utmost courtesy and honor with all affection, wits, and devotion. However, don’t excuse her kindness for softness because she’s an imposing antagonist for anyone trying to meddle with her family. 

She is steadfast about finding a partner for her children and arranging a marriage. Daphne already found her husband in Season 1, and now Violet’s goal is in her eldest son, Anthony, for Season 2. 

Bridgerton cast, Ruth Gemmell
Ruth Gemmell

She experienced a significant loss with the passing of her husband several years ago. But it didn’t decline her ability to love her kids and protect the family’s heirloom. And much the same with her character, Gemmell can preserve secrecy. According to the showrunner and Rhimes, Gemmel is the ideal actress to portray the kind and cordial mother of the Bridgerton family. 

Before taking part in Bridgerto, Ruth Gemmel is already enjoying her profession, appearing in many shows and films, such as Fever Pitch, Macbeth, Four Fathers, Walking the Dead, The Bill, Storage 24, Primeval, Inside Men, Utopia, Home Fires, Doctors and My Mum Tracy Beaker.

Florence Hunt

Florence Hunt is Hyacinth Bridgerton in the British TV drama series Bridgerton. Hyacinth is the youngest of the eight Bridgerton siblings. She’s just ten years old yet is quick to notice and react to things, once in a while a little mature than her actual age. 

Her age and Gregory Bridgerton are not far from each other, so they are like cats and dogs. They cause many troubles together though the two siblings love each other extraordinarily. 

Bridgerton Cast, Florence Hunt
Florence Hunt

Hyacinth is still young to be joining this year’s Marriage Mart, but she is very eager to be like her sister and participate in the marriage brokerage. She has the impression of being poised and competent, similar to Daphne, and her comforting hug for Simmon Basset may have swayed his viewpoint toward paternity. 

Bridgerton’s cast, Florence Hunt, is presently in the center of the public’s attention due to her role in the drama series. She was only 13years old when she landed the role in Bridgerton. The young actress is also praised for her character in Christabel and Cursed. She was first seen in commercials and ads with a debut appearance in Lloyds Bank’s 250th Anniversary advertisement.

Claudia Jessie

Claudia Jessie Peyton plays the character of the second daughter and fifth Bridgerton child, Eloise Bridgerton. Eloise is a free-spirited young lady, and she expresses that she regards marriage as a restraint and having kids as a Herculean task that will deprive her of becoming a wealthy woman. She thinks she’s bound for something a lot more. While her remarks and expressions are usually straightforward, she addresses people with no ill intentions. 

During season 1 of the drama, Eloise is the clear contrast to Daphne, and her parts with Penelope, her best friend, are among the most hilarious in the series. She actively seeks the true identity of Lady Whistledown. 

Bridgerton Cast, Claudia Jessie
Claudia Jessie

But in the season finale, it was revealed that it was her best friend. That’s such a blow to their friendship. And fans can’t picture what will happen after the reveal. 

Claudia Jessie Peyton primarily acts in the British and American entertainment business. She has been in the industry since 2012, when she landed her first role in the TV series Doctors. She likewise appeared in several TV shows like WPC 56, porters, Vanity Fair, and Defending the Guilty. And more opportunities will come knocking at her door due to her performance in the drama series Bridgerton.

Luke Newton

Luke Paul Anthony Newton is the Bridgerton third eldest, Colin Bridgerton. All people in London know that Colin Bridgerton is the best-looking and the most desirable gentleman among the Bridgerton bachelors. 

Colin is in the habit of winning over his associates with friendly humor, while a deep sense of escapade hides behind those attractive eyes. 

Bridgerton cast, Luke Newton
Luke Newton

Colin and Penelope have a sweet friendship, and viewers wish that it blossoms into something more special. While Colin has an eye for her cousin, Marina Thompson, he respects Penelope and always appears to speak and do what is right. 

Luke Newton first appeared on national TV in the teen drama, The Cut (2010) as Luke Attwood. Then he appeared in several shows like Doctors, The Lodge, Lake Placid: Legacy, and Youth in Bed. Aside from being an actor, Luke is also a talented singer who has had various cover songs for many years.

Luke Thompson

Benedict Bridgerton, the second Bridgerton heir, is played by Luke Thompson. Benedict is depicted as a loving, sensible, and likable bachelor. 

He often speaks his mind when he’s with Eloise, although he’s close to all of his siblings. On par with his sister, he craves a life outside the boundaries of the Ton. He is also a driven artist who feels suffocated in a social and imaginative context. 

Bridgerton Cast, Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson

Even though Benedict is Bridgerton Number 2, his charm, cordial manners, and wealth make him a perfect man amongst the suitable bachelors of London. 

Luke Thompson first started his career performing in theaters. He had his debut role as Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Besides Bridgerton, Luke is also famously known for his portrayal in In The Club as Simon, Dunkirk as Warrant Officer, and Kiss Me First as Connor. But he rose to fame due to his performance as Benedict Bridgerton in the drama series.

Will Tilston

The young Will Tilston portrays the character of Gregory Bridgerton, the youngest son and the seventh Bridgerton child. Gregory was the last kid to see his father’s face, Edmund Bridgerton. He’s the typical younger brother who bothers his younger sibling. 

Gregory doesn’t have much exposure during the whole first season. His sole purpose is to stand on the sidelines from the grown-up’s exploitation at his particular age. 

Bridgerton Cast, Will Tilston
Will Tilston

However, when Gregory is at the right age, he will likewise do the same thing and find his partner like his siblings. And if the Netflix production adapts the directions of the novel, we won’t’ see much about young Bridgerton and learn about his side until the eighth book, On the Way to the Wedding. 

Will Tilston debuted from his acting career through the film Made in Hollywood. His first breakthrough came when he was cast as among the main actors in the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin. Among the thousands of young actors auditioned for the role of the 8-year-old Christopher Robin, Will landed the role. He’s a charming young actor simply launching his name in the entertainment business.

 Polly Walker

Polly Alexander Walker, famously known as Polly Walker, was cast in the period drama series Bridgerton as the controlling matriarchal during London’s social season, Portia Featherington. Baron Archibald’s ruthless wife only wishes the best for her children. 

Portia considers herself clever, contriving to have Prudence and Philipa tied the knot and shoving them to disinterested parties. Afterward, she insisted on finding a partner for Marina Thompson. Portia’s genuinely a busy woman since she’s arranging her daughters’ marriage while simultaneously trying to control her husband’s gambling issue.

Bridgerton cast, Polly Walker
Polly Walker

Bridgerton cast Polly began her career with the 1989 short film Storyboard. Following that, she was cast in the 1990 film Lorna Doone. Then she rose to fame with her character in Patriot Games (1992) as Annette. And this success was succeeded by several prominent movies and TV series, such as Savage Messiah, State of the Play, Rome, Clash of the Titans, Prisoner’s Wives, Line of Duty, and Pennyworth.

Ruby Barker

Ruby Barker portrays the character of Marina Thompson, a Featherington distant cousin. Marina is from a local gentry family who appears to debut in Royal society to pay the debt of her father to Baron Archibald. Similar to a captive lady obtained from the bid. We don’t know anything about her descent, though she was raised in a village. 

Marina is dazzlingly alluring yet holds a secret that will destroy her name and her whole family. She never thought of being a member of London society. She has incredible humor and takes advantage of it to ensure that she savors the life that she wants.

Bridgerton cast, Ruby Barker
Ruby Barker

Before Bridgerton, Ruby Barker was already a successful actress appearing in several TV series and films. She made her debut in the British-German fantasy teen drama Wolfblood as Daisie. She was also in the medical soap opera Doctors and in the movie, How To Stop A Recurring Dream. And due to her performance in the latter film, she won the Best Actress category in the 2020 British Urban Film Festival.

Ben Miller

Ben Miller (Fullname: Bennet Evan Miller) is Archibald, Baron Featherington, the Featherington head of the family. Archibald had a gambling addiction that caused him to owe enormous money. Regardless of his rank of nobility, the London gentry still views him as someone not to be taken seriously. He cared very much for his three daughters, but he showed hardly any respect to his wife, Portia. 

In season 1, the last episode of the drama series, Baron Featherington was killed off. To recover his family’s wealth, he requested Will Mondrich to launch a huge boxing event. Archibald won and obtained huge pocket money by putting a wager on the other party. When his betting fraud was found, he was then killed by his “partners.” He was murdered using laudanum, a tincture of opium with lethal consequences. 

Bridgerton cast, Ben Miller
Ben Miller

The Featherington property will be inherited by another gentleman. The identity was not mentioned in the finale, so perhaps it will be unraveled during the second season. 

Bridgerton cast, Ben Miller is not only an actor; he is also a comedian, screenwriter, and director. He came to the spotlight in Armstrong and Miller’s comedy show that ran from 1997 to 2001. Since then, he has been cast in several TV shows like The Worst Week of My Life, Popetown, Primeval, Death in Paradise, among many others.

Adjoa Andoh

The veteran actress, Adjoa Andoh, acted as Lady Danbury in the Bridgerton drama. Since Lady Danbury is close to Simon’s mother, he looked after him and raised him when the Duke denied him as his son. She oversees the social scene of the Regency era and is fearless to use her authority as a dowager. 

Not caring about the laws of the upper class, Lady Danbury is an honest and forthright person. And although her views may be frank, they’re always right. Like Andoh describes in an interview, Lady Danbury has lots of wealth. She recognizes the maneuverings and schemings that have to move along. 

Bridgerton cast, Adjoa Andoh
Adjoa Andoh

Adjoa Andoh is a known stage actress who has acted exhaustively in several theatres all over the United Kingdom. She has performed main roles at the Almeida Theater, Royal Court Theater, National Theater, and the RSC. She is also renowned for her characters in the television series EastEnders, Casualty, Doctor Who, Missing, Law & Order: UK, Thunderbirds Are Go, and The Witcher.

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is the voice behind Lady Whistledown and Bridgerton’s most intriguing character. 

We can describe Lady Whistledown as the narrator of the drama series and works as the Regency era’s most notable rumor writer. She seems to be completely aware of the latest in all society and is eager to write every wicked article, despite who is concerned. Her real identity isn’t disclosed until the series’ first season finale. However, Lady Whistledown still unmistakably gets the impression for the eight episodes. 

Julia Andrews is as eloquent as always. Her tone of voice is a powerfully ideal match for the ever-prying Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton cast, Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews

Andrews rose to fame when she won the Best Actress category in the 37th Oscars for her role in Marry Poppins 1964. Following her success, he landed another success in the musical drama Sound of the Music 1965. Since then, she has constantly appeared on the big screen and in numerous TV series. 

For people in the recent generation, she is known for The Princess Diaries and the Tooth Fairy. She is also behind the voices of some popular animated films, like the Narrator in Enchanted, Queen Lilian in Shrek, and Marlena Gru in Despicable Me.

Golda Rosheuvel

Golda Rosheuvel is a Guyanese-British actress and singer who acted as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton. Queen Charlotte is the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

At the beginning of the matchmaking season, the Queen welcomed all the marriageable ladies. When she saw the Featherington sisters, she was displeased and sent them a hand signal to stand back. But when Daphne Bridgerton arrived, she announced that she was perfect and proclaimed Daphne as the season’s Incomparable. 

Bridgerton cast, Golda Rosheuvel
Golda Rosheuvel

The Queen is commonly appeased, resting on her throne and observing the scene of the social season evolve in front of her. However, when the ton’s freshest gossip journalist targets the palace, the Queen perceives she needs to act on it. 

Golda Roshueval has a couple of TV series and film credits, such as Lava (2001), Coma Girl: The State of Grace (2005), Coronation Street (2012), Dead Boss (2012), Lady Macbeth (2016), and Silent Witness (2019). However, she gained her most outstanding credit and reputation in the Bridgerton drama series.

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