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Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton) Age, Husband, Wiki.

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Facts about Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton) Age, Husband and Wiki

English actress Claudia Jessie started her career in acting early with local productions in England. But, before Claudia’s stardom, she endured many hardships that came into her life.

Let’s take a look at what helped shape Claudia’s being today. She has played Eloise Bridgerton in Netflix’s series, Bridgerton. Read about her age and marital status.

Claudia Jessie as Bridgerton cast Eloise Bridgerton

Claudia is famous and known by many in her television and film characters. And recently, she landed a significant role in the Netflix series adaptation of Bridgerton. She portrays Eloise Bridgerton, the 5th child among the Bridgerton siblings.

Eloise is not your typical princess. She’s rebellious, street-smart, but overall courageous in everything she does. Being one of the youngest siblings, Eloise was free-spirited and had a knack for challenging societal standards, just like her brother, Benedict.

In the show, Eloise’s view is the exact opposite of what Daphne wanted, which was to get married. Her personality contradicts Daphne Bridgerton’s. Her sister Daphne prefers to be wedded appropriately at the right time.

Aside from her siblings, Eloise has a long-time friend, Penelope Featherington. Between the two ladies, Eloise is the care-give. Penelope constantly seeks Eloise’s advice and support.

The siblings talked about many things, but a particular topic always caught Eloise’s eyes: Lady Whistledown. She truly admires her because of what she is capable of as a woman.

Claudia Jessie Bridgertone as Eloise Bridgerton
Claudia Jessie plays the role of Eloise Bridgerton

One thing was off about Lady Whistledown; her identity is unknown. Being the free-spirited lady she is, Eloise went down her way in hopes of knowing her idol’s real identity.

Eloise was determined in her goal. She was even getting herself in trouble and complicating things between her relatives and friends just to answer a question.

Although Eloise focused on Lady Whistledown, she never lost her compassion and empathy for Penelope. Eloise helped Penelope get through her heartbreaking moments, denied love, and her father’s death.

We could wish we had a curious yet loyal friend like Eloise in real life. Regardless, it’d be interesting to see her character development with her family and friends.

Who is Eloise Bridgerton’s Husband?

Eloise detests the idea of getting married and having children. Therefore, she was single throughout the season, with her only goal being to find the real identity of Lady Whistledown. She has failed in finding a better husband and love in her life.

How old is Claudia Jessie?

Claudia Jesse was born in England, specifically in Moseley, on the 30th of October 1989. The Bridgderton actress is now 32 years of age.

Is Claudia Jessie Married to her husband?

Claudia Jessie, Eloise in the show Bridgerton, is currently dating a sound engineer named Joseph. They have been dating ever since 2014. The two met in a pub in England, where Jessie upfront initiated a conversation with Joseph. Her future husband is dashing and pretty in looks.

Claudia Jessie boyfriend, Joseph
Claudia Jessie


Claudia Jessie’s road to becoming a famous English actor was not easy. If we are to talk about Jessie’s childhood, it was a traumatic experience for her.

Her father’s identity is not revealed to the public, while her mother is Dawn. She never grew up in a house but instead on a barge. Claudia spent the majority of her childhood in London while being home-schooled from the age of 14. Three years later, she returned to Birmingham.

Her father was never around when they needed them. As a result, her parents divorced when Jessie was just little. Meanwhile, her mother worked hard as a cleaner to provide for her brother’s needs and Jessie’s ballet lessons.

Up to this day, Jessie’s childhood still haunts her, causing her anxiety and panic attacks as well as dealing with depersonalization disorder.

Image of English actress, Claudia Jessie
Claudia Jessie

Movies and Tv Shows

A silver lining appeared in the form of director Hannah Phillips. Phillips discovered Claudia’s talents and star potential. As a result, Phillips introduced Claudia to several local productions, and her life took a turn in 2012.

The same year, Claudia landed two acting roles. First, being in a short film called Rosie, where she played Rosie’s leading role. The second project was a soap opera called Doctors, where she portrayed Kate Marshall for the show’s long run.

Later on, in 2013, she had three additional roles under her portfolio. These roles contributed to Jessie’s momentum in her acting career. She appeared in television and film titles like House of Anubis, The Paradise, and Casualty.

2014 was the start of another phenomenal year for Jessie. She made it in a BAFTA-winning online web series for children, Dixi, as Shari, one of the show’s characters.

In 2015, Claudia acted as lead actress Annie Taylor in WPC 56. In the same year, she was included in an award-winning comedy short film, Copy That, directed by Kingsley Hoskins.

Things were already looking great for Jessie’s career, and it got way better. Starting in 2016, she met different characters for her roles in films and series such as Their Finest, Vanity Fair, and the ever-popular, Bridgerton as Eloise Bridgerton.


With a traumatic and haunting childhood experience, Claudia Jessie used her talent and built doors of opportunities to create her path of success, far different from where she was as a child.

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