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Golda Rosheuvel Biography: Ethnicity, Movies& TV shows, Age, Husband & Kids

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Golda Rosheuvel Biography

Golda Rosheuvel is a Guyanese-British singer and actress who captivates many audiences in her roles on the theater stage, TV shows, and films. And just lately, she’s been receiving plenty of love and admiration for her stint in the period drama series Bridgerton as Queen Charlotte.

Her performance as the queen has gained her adoration both from the critics and viewers. Her personal details like ethnicity, age, married life, and kids are described in her biography below. 

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton

Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen Charlotte is portrayed by the iconic Golda Rosheuvel. Queen Charlotte is wedded to monarch King George III in the drama series. However, he was sick and avoided publicity, while the Queen represents the sovereign state. She governs on his behalf, with some cute dogs beside her, and she indulges in authority and hot rumors. 

Queen Charlotte regards the social season as very important with an unparalleled aura from start to finish of the series. 

The depiction is broadly defined derived from the real Queen Charlotte, who was, in reality, wedded to King George III. He progressively experienced episodes of physical and psychological problems, and their eldest son, The Prince of Wales, became regent to rule until his father’s death. Historians have deliberated if Queen Charlotte may have had a distant black predecessor during the past years. 

For Golda Rosheuvel, Queen Charlotte indeed desires attention and power, though she executes it naturally like a Queen is supposed to be. The Queen is not scheming, and she’s just aware of the hot tickets that are happening within the Ton. She is also just the same as the other characters in Bridgerton, who merely wish to be loved by the King, her entourage, and the nation. 

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton

Golda Rosheuvel plays the role of Queen Charlotte on Bridgerton

Golda Rosheuvel’s casting was based on stories that the real Queen has an African lineage. And Golda’s performance happens in an alternative version where her dark-colored skin is not just established but life-changing for black people in the Regency Era in the United Kingdom. 

Having the opportunity to play such a strong character in history is significantly momentous to Golda. She expresses in an interview that it’s so encouraging for a performer to bear that experience. And that feeling that someone in the 1800s could have been defending her sovereignty and could have been defending representation. 

The actress had described that when she began enacting Queen Charlotte, it would be the first that she’s not portraying a role that didn’t thoroughly focus on her being black. Therefore, it would be the first to understand her mom’s viewpoint. Golda has positively adored the side of her that enjoys five-o’clock tea and loaves of bread with sweet cream and jam and the part that loves horse riding within the wide-open spaces. When portraying Queen Charlotte, she has perfected so with tremendous dignity and praise, constantly reflecting on her mother.

Biography (Age, Ethnicity, etc.)

Golda Rosheuvel was born on the 2nd of May 1970 in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. The famed actress is currently 51 years of age. The Guyanese had just become separated from the British colonial government several years earlier in those days. Golda holds British Nationality and mixed-race of white and black ethnicity. 

She comes from a musically-inclined family. Her father was Siegfried Rosheuvel, Guyanese, a Church of England priest. And her mother was Judith Evan, British, the niece of the Bishop. The two met in Barbados, singing in a choir together. They fell in love and eventually walked down the aisle. They lived momentarily in Guyana and migrated to London, UK, when Golda reached 5.

Movies and TV Shows

Before she attained a spot in acting, Golda Rosheuvel was on a completely different career path. We mentioned that her parents were into music; however, she came upon a different fate for herself. 

Bridgerton star landed her first TV role in the anthology series Great Performances (2000) as Maid By Fire. Golda only got a secondary role during her debut appearances in TV series and films. She came into the limelight with her performances in Luther (2011) and Lady Macbeth (2016).

Among her other credits in the film industry are The Bill (2005), Casualty (2006), Consuming Passion (2008), Coronation Street (2012), Dead Boss (2012), Mr.Stink (2012), I Live With Models (2015), Silent Witness (2019), Death in Paradise (2020), and Bridgerton (2020).

Golda Rosheuvel plays on movies and Tv shows

Golda Rosheuvel

She’s not holding the most comprehensive record in TV shows and movies; however, it doesn’t imply that she doesn’t have any projects at all. Golda found first success through performing in various theaters in London. Some of her iconic stage performances include Now We Are Here (Young Vic), A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer and The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time (National Theatre), The Frontline and Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare’s Globe), and A Christmas Carol and Electra (The Old Vic).

Not to mention, You Can’t Take It with You (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester), Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra (RSC), The Tempest (RSC), Marat/Sade (RSC), Angels in America (Headlong Theatre Company),  The White Devil (The Menier Chocolate Factory) and Macbeth and Porgy and Bess (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre). 

Net Worth

The actress has garnered approximately $2million worth of net as of 2021.  Performing in different theaters, acting in various films and series, and singing are her primary source of income. In her 20 years in the entertainment industry, Golda Rosheuvel has received a reasonable net worth.

Husband and Kids

People unfamiliar with Golda Rosheuvel usually tend to wonder about her love affair or her husband. She is a very straightforward and free-spirited person and usually introduces herself by stating she’s a proud lesbian. She isn’t interested in guys nor married to any husband in this regard. Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton does not have any kids.

Golda Rosheuvel with her partner, Shireen Mula

Golda Rosheuvel with her partner, Shireen Mula

In fact, Golda is currently in a stable relationship with Shireen Mula. They’ve been together since 2013. Shireen Mula is a writer and former Associate Artist at Ovalhouse and Nottle Theatre. 

While they are now in their 8th year, there is no proof if they have already decided to tie the knot. The actress chooses to have Shireen out of the public’s center of attention. Until now, Golda has kept her private matters to herself and has not disclosed any details from the media. All we know is that the two happily live in London.

We hope you enjoyed reading Golda’s biography through this article.

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