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Is Harriet Cains from Bridgerton Married? Age, Wiki, etc.

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Harriet Cain, marriage, age, wiki facts

Harriet Cains is not on the popular list in the entertainment industry yet, but her acting talent and skill are next-level when portraying her characters.

Since we don’t know a lot about Harriet Cains, it’s time to talk about her adventures in her acting career. Also, find out if she has a husband. Her age and wiki details are revealed here.

Harriet Cains as Bridgerton cast Philippa Featherington.

In the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton, Harriet Cains plays Penelope Featherington’s older sister, Philippa Featherington, and younger to Prudence Featherington.

Philippa from Bridgerton is introduced first with her two sisters by their mother to society. Philippa was not the brightest nor the most clever of her siblings; she only had one goal in mind: to find a husband.

When introduced, the siblings are all over the place but to no avail because of their distant cousin’s beauty, Marina Thompson.

Amongst the Featheringtons’ siblings, they all share a common dislike: Marina Thompson. She had everything the Featherington siblings couldn’t have; suitors, new dresses, and unparalleled beauty.

Harriet Cains as Bridgerton cast Philippa Featherington
Harriet Cains plays the role of Philippa Featherington on Bridgerton

Things went worse when they were included in the scandal of Marina’s pregnancy. After the scandal, the siblings received harsh treatment, but their mother fully supported them regardless.

Ultimately, things got better for Philippa and her siblings.

She had a wonderful time dancing with Albion Finch, her romantic interest, and spent countless hours talking about him to her sister.

All was well until all of them found their father dead when they arrived home. It was a miserable experience for the Featheringtons as they loved their dad to no end.

Did Harriet Caines marry someone? or date a Boyfriend?

According to our sources, Harriet is currently not in a romantic relationship. She did not have any previous connections, engagements, or children in the past as well. So, she is neither married nor dating a boyfriend.

Wiki: Age and Education

Harriet Caines is very private, only showing minor details in her personal life and growing up. As of this date, Harriet’s parents’ names and ethnicity are a mystery to the public.

However, we did get some information out of different sources. Harriet Caines was born and raised in Nottingham, England, on September 17, 1993, which makes her 28 years of age. Her parent’s and siblings’ information are currently unknown.

With regards to her education, Harriet’s schools are still hidden. We only know that she took acting classes in Circle Up and later transferred to the Television Workshop.

After her training in workshops and camps, Caines was already onto the road of stardom. She was cast in Hollyoaks Later short film, a drama spinoff from its predecessor, Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks Later targeted more adult storylines and darker themes while keeping the fun of the original show.

Image of Bridgerton cast and talented actress, Harriet Cains
Bridgerton cast and talented actress, Harriet Cains

Years later, Caines auditioned for a role in Manchester for the TV series called In The Flesh, which talks about a girl going back to her community by traversing a world with zombies.

The role of Jem Walker was won by Caines in the auditions, and this role is the breakthrough point of Caines’ acting career.

Do you want the reason why it’s her breaking point in acting? Caines watched PTSD documentaries and talked with clinically diagnosed people with anxiety to have a realistic approach to her character.

Bridgerton star was putting effort and hours into research and talking to people to make her part realistically convincing on having mental illnesses for the show.

After her role in the show, Harriet Caines started appearing in several television shows such as Safe House as Louisa Blackwell, Vera, and in Line of Duty in early 2017.

In the same year, Caines had a regular role as an actress in Marcella’s series as a single mom, Gail Donovan, where Caines appeared in six show episodes. He also contributed as a performer in an all-female comedy production called Major Labia.

In 2019, Harriet joined the cast of Phoebe Dynevor, Rege Page, Nicole Coughlan in the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton. As mentioned, she played Philippa Featherington in the Netflix show, Bridgerton,  the older sister of Penelope Featheringon.

Net Worth

Harriet Cains is expected to have a net worth amounting to approximately $1,500,000.00 in 2021. This primarily came from her work as an actress in television and films.


Even though Harriet Caines is still under the radar, her effort in acting combined with her talent as an individual continuously paves her way to being a successful actress. Doctors actress is currently single and is not interested in any kind of dating relationships or marrying someone.

Harriet puts life into whatever character she is casting. She may not have nominations or awards yet, but we believe that the future is bright for her acting career.

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