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Is Jonathan Bailey (Actor) Gay? Partner, Net Worth, Wiki.

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Jonathan Bailey Gay Facts

The English actor Jonathan Bailey is a household name in the American and British film industry. He won various accolades with his impressive acting skills, including the prestigious award for his successful supporting performance.

Apart from his appearances in different shows, Jonathan’s presence usually frequents different social media platforms. Given this, his name became even more popular worldwide. Is Jonathan gay? Who is his partner? Know his net worth.

Wiki. (Early life, Career, Movies, and Tv Shows)

On the 25th of April 1988, the now 33-year-old Jonathan Bailey was born in Oxfordshire, England. He first opened his eyes to where he wanted to be at the early age of five. He was pretty inspired by the musical play entitled Oliver. This scenario paved the way for his aspirations to be a celebrated actor appearing on big screens.

The talented actor Jonathan persevered in pursuing his dream to become an actor. He finished his studies at the Open University. However, despite being a talented actor, others may not know that he did not pursue formal education in the drama or acting field. During his early years, Jonathan gradually showed up in public by joining various plays, including A Christmas Carol, when he was just seven years old.

The actor appeared in the play Les Miserables in 1997, playing the role of Gavroche. Apart from this, he became part of other plays, including the 2008 Girl with a Pearl Earring, Company, King John, King Lear, and the 2018-2019 show Company.

Further, Jonathan Bailey appeared in the series Leonardo, where he portrayed the character of Leonardo Da Vinci in 2011. He was also one of the cast as a guest star in the TV show Doctor Who in 2014, as Psi. Two years later, the actor found the opportunity to play one of the characters in the film Hooten and the Lady in 2016, as Edward, a sympathetic and a good fiance.

Bailey’s impressive acting skills in various shows have paved the way for him to reap the leading character in the TV series Bridgerton. He portrayed the role of Anthony Bridgerton in 2020. With this successful appearance, Jonathan has got many projects in the film business in line for him.

Jonathan Bailey as Bridgerton cast Anthony Bridgerton.

Jonathan as Anthony in the American streaming series Bridgerton is Daphne’s dearest older brother. As the eldest and the head of the family, he felt pressure knowing that he needed to secure his loved ones’ future. Despite showcasing his gruff exterior, Anthony has a big heart for the people he loves the most.

Jonathan Bailey as Bridgerton cast Anthony Bridgertone
Jonathan Bailey plays the role of Anthony Bridgertone

Net Worth

With all his hard work and perseverance, Jonathan successfully reaped not just his dream to become an actor but also amassed a fortune from his professional career. Reportedly, the famed actor has earned a vast net worth of $1.5 Million, making him one of the big shot celebrities in the film industry.

Is Jonathan Bailey Gay?

The 33-year old Jonathan opened his thoughts in public about his true identity. While many audiences may not realize yet, the actor is openly gay. However, he noted further that he doesn’t have any problem playing straight roles in various movies.

During his interview with Digital Spy, he said:

“Good actors can do anything, and there’ll be amazing writers who are willing to write for everyone. If there are people who don’t have access to creating their own TV shows or telling the stories they want to tell, then absolutely, everyone has to make space for them. That’s not just to do with gender or sexuality. It’s to do with race, religion and everything else.”

Further, Jonathan stands for the rights and privileges of the LGBTQ, especially about same-sex marriage. In 2019, he appeared in an interview with the Attitude Magazine, and he explained:

“Gay men should be able to get married, it shouldn’t be seen as a privilege, absolutely we should.”

In the series, however, Jonathan plays a straight man. It is the other Bridgerton brother, Benedict, who fans started speculating to be gay. One scene that the audience might have missed suggested that Benedict is, in fact, gay. This is the scene where Benedict saw two men hugging intimately while naked, and with no disgust, Benedict gave them privacy.

Jonathan Bailey not dating
Jonathan Bailey


Jonathan Bailey lives happily as a single man outside of his showbiz life. He is not currently engaged nor has a romantic partner, as evident in his Instagram account. However, in an interview, the actor describes his ideal date. He likes going on remarkable adventures, rambling, or doing bike reading. Jonathan further shared his thought about what love meant for him,

“Game of hide and seek or a game of sardines, depending on your vibe.”

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