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Luke Newton from Bridgerton married? His Age, Wiki.

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Luke Newton is not married

With solid and charming looks combined with talent, Luke Newton made his path to stardom. Luke made himself known through different characters in different films ever since 2010.

Now, what has become of Luke’s career in acting?

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in Bridgerton

Luke Newton’s latest stint is in the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton. The famed actor portrays the dashing brother of Daphne Bridgerton, Colin, a young man who has good-natured jokes and a desire for adventure.

Colin had his eyes set on one woman only: Marina Thompson. He took the risk of getting to know her through the Featheringtons, specifically Penelope.

Colin showed his desire and intentions to Marina consistently, always making a move to have her in his arms whenever possible. It was going well with both of them until a tragedy happened.

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton on Bridgertone
Luke Newton plays the role of Colin Bridgerton on Bridgertone

Marina had an unplanned pregnancy which led to a scandalous situation with the Featheringtons. Colin did not care a bit about the issue. He went over to her house and talked to her about the truth.

However, a darker story has unfolded in Marina’s life, pushing away Colin for good, never wanting to see her again.

Soon after their relationship, Colin desired to travel outside their home, mainly inspired by how Penelope talks about traveling with him.

Is Luke Newton married to his Wife? or dating a Girlfriend?

In real life, Luke Newton had a previous relationship with his The Lodge co-star, Sophie Simnett. Currently, Luke is dating Welsh actress Jade Davies. His relationship with his current girlfriend, Jade is spreading all over the internet. The two are romantically spending their dating life. We can see clearly how happy the couple is. Luke’s girlfriend frequently posts their photo on her Instagram.

Luke Newton with her Ex- Girlfriend, Sophie Simnett
Luke Newton with her ex-Girlfriend, Sophie Simnett

When it comes to his portrayal as Colin Bridgerton, Colin is still single after Season 1.


Luke Newton was born in West Sussex, England, on February 5, 1993 (28 years old), as Luke Paul Anthony Newton.


Newton’s early childhood was a broken experience. His parents divorced years after his birth, and in 2006, her mother remarried. He grew up with her sister, Lauren Newton.

Still, after experiencing a home of divorce, Newton continued his life and education. He went to Northbrook College Sussex for his primary school and then moved on to BRIT School, where he formed a boy band composed of himself and a couple of his friends and called it South 4.

After his stint with his band, Newton moved to the London School of Musical Theatre to practice acting for his career in the future. Newton made his television debut in The Cut, where he portrayed Luke Altwood for 11 episodes.

Six years after his debut, he was picked by Disney Channel for the primary role of Ben Evans in the Disney Channel show called The Lodge. This is his most career-defining role, yet not only did he act, but he was also included in the production of two soundtrack albums of the show.

Last but not least, his final stint as of 2021 is his portrayal of Colin Bridgerton in the popular Netflix show, Bridgerton.

Luke Newton is starting to climb his way up to stardom with a mix of charm and talent. We only saw a glimpse of what he’s capable of as an actor, and we hope we will more soon on-screen.

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