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Luke Thompson (Actor from Bridgerton) Age, Gay, Wiki

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Luke Thompson from Bridgerton and his networth

Luke Thompson is a renowned British model and actor in the industry. He had his dramatic success through his roles as Simon in In The Club and Benedict Bridgerton in the Bridgerton series. 

But the actor has gained from multiple roles on stage and on-screen before having the breakthrough in the Netflix drama series. Here’s everything you have to know about Luke Thompson regarding his age and sexual orientation, especially if you’re an avid fan of his recent show, Bridgerton.

Luke Thompson as Bridgerton cast Benedict Bridgerton.

Luke Thompson plays the character of the second of the Bridgerton siblings, Benedict Bridgerton. Benedict is the familiar second son with notable independence and a remarkably apparent lack of commitment. He’s much closer to his younger singers than to his elder brother. He also has a more natural and earnest appeal compared to Anthony. Benedict hopes of converting his artistic interests into a possible career for himself. 

Benedictform Bridgerton escorted his family to Daphne’s debut before the queen during the social season. The famed actor displayed a lack of enthusiasm in the social event. Maybe his most remarkable scene during the first season emerged when he unintentionally made serious remarks on Henry Granville’s (portrayed by Julian Ovenden) artwork. Afterward, he went to Henry’s studio and started sketching. 

And following several annoying queerbaiting, he started dating the Ton’s local modiste, Genevieve Delacroix. She is society’s sought-after frock-maker. Benedict and Genevieve’s love affair might be forbidden as he is rich and she is a commoner. 

Luke Thompson as Bridgerton cast Benedict Bridgerton
Luke Thompson plays the role of Benedict Bridgerton on Bridgerton

However, during the last episode of season 1, Genevieve returned to France and left Benedict. And season 2 will focus more on Benedict’s older brother, Anthony, so we’ll have to wait for more for his love story to blossom. 

In an interview, Luke Thompson expressed how he enjoys portraying the character of Benedict. According to him, it’s an interesting character to portray as a performer since there is this type of reservation about Benedict. He got to show Benedict’s personality slowly rather than unveiling to the viewers his character then and there. 

As the second eldest, Benedict extensively recognized that he was the fall-back. Someone who would assume the responsibility when an unforeseen event occurs to Anthony. Therefore, he understands what’s looking forward to him and can effortlessly handle the societal goings-on. He also understands the entire picture, the thought of the public appearance and then what happens behind curtains and have those to different matters apart.

Is Benedict Bridgerton Gay?

Some streaming TV drama series fans have interpreted Benedict as gay; however, the show never depicted the second Bridgerton as unequivocally strange. Is he really gay? His curiosity in staking out sex beyond the gathering carries him out to a different party where those who seem they don’t fit in can consider their yearning free of righteous limitations. 

Benedict visited Henry Granville’s studio and began illustrating nude pictures in life, which Henry praised. He was again invited for another gathering at Henry’s, then saw Genevieve Delacroix at the event. While wanting to have some private moment, he was shocked to witness Henry in a room having some intimate time with another man. Benedict ended up doing an orgy with another lady. And that lady appeared to be the wife of Henry, Lady Granville. 

During their next encounter, Benedict questioned Henry regarding his way of living and its consequences on his matrimony. He asked out of curiosity and mainly neutral. He is undoubtedly intrigued by his friend’s sexuality. But besides asking Henry, nothing more came to pass during the 1st season that would imply that Benedict Bridgerton is bisexual. 

As a matter of fact, he’s dating Genevieve and his siblings, Anthony and Eloise, knew about their affair. 

Although several audiences have read Benedict Bridgerton as homosexual or gay, the second son was never caught in an endearment but instead seizing life at debaucherous festivities full of intimacy.

Luke Thompson with Genevieve and his siblings, Anthony and Eloise

Wiki (Age, Movies and TV shows)

Luke Thompson was born in 1988 on July 4 in Southampton, England, United Kingdom. He is currently 33 years old, with a zodiac sign of Cancer. 

Bridgerton actor is of English nationality, though he grew up in Paris, France. 

Ever since he was a child, Luke was very committed to acting. He partook in several stages plays throughout his middle days. When he returned to the UK, he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and honed his acting skills. He also became a member of the Ear Out Drama Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Luke Thompson first found success in the theater industry. Most of his works were held in the Globe Theater. His first role went by Lysander, handsome young Athens, in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014). At the same Globe Theater, he performed as Will Bennet in Blue Stockings and Mark Anthony in Julius Ceasar during the same year. 

And because of his performance in the said play, he was nominated at the 2013 Evening Standard Theatre Awards for Outstanding Newcomer category and at the 2014 Ian Charleson Awards. 

When we talked about his appearances in films and TV shows, Luke is famous for his acting in In the Club as Simon, Dunkirk as Warrant Officer, Hamlet as Laertes, Kiss Me First as Connor, Making Noise Quietly as Oliver, and Misbehavior as Peter Hain.

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