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Rege Jean Page Married to Wife or dating a Girlfriend?

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Rege Jean Page marriage facts

Netflix released a binge-worthy show called Bridgerton set in the Regency Era in London. In this Era, the marriage market was at an all-time high. Along Bridgerton’s incredible plot were its charismatic and talented actors.

The world got to know leading man Simon Bassett, played by English Actor Rege-Jean Page in the show. With his Hollywood-worthy looks, the Bridgerton hunk Rege-Jean Page took the world by storm. The way Page projects himself on screen is enough to sweep you off your feet.

Page played the appealing Duke of Hastings in the hit Netflix show. The audience fell into a trance with his pleasing personality and fell in love with this real-life romantic. Let’s talk about his love life right here.

Rege Page dating or married to a Wife?

Aside from his acting career and future upcoming projects, fans are curious whether or not the actor is single. Even rumors spread about Rege-Jean Page dating his Bridgerton co-star Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton.

The two co-stars then denied the rumors. It turns out the handsome Bridgerton Duke has a Duchess of his own, shattering many fans’ hearts in the process.

Last February 2021, Page was confirmed to be dating Emily Brown. Emily is South West London’s FBB Warriors’ part-time footballer and freelance copywriter. Little is known about Emily brown, but according to reports, Page’s girlfriend has done commissions for brands like Nike and Converse.

Rege Jean Page with his girlfriend, Emily Brown
Rege Jean Page with his girlfriend, Emily Brown

Page and his partner Brown made their first public appearance together during the British GQ Men of the Year Awards on September 1. However, there is no exact information on how long Rege-Jean and Emily have been dating since their relationship is low-key.

Still, according to reports, the couple bought their home in February. With that, knowing that our beloved Bridgerton duke of Hastings has his actual lover might have made our hearts crack. But still, we cannot deny the fact that with the talent, looks, and appeal that Rege-Jean has, it would not be hard for him to get a loving girlfriend.

Unfortunately, Rege-Jean will not be returning for Bridgerton’s second season. Page wanted to focus more on making movies. Nonetheless, Bridgerton fans are still excited to see what Daphne Bridgerton has in store for them.

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