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Rege Jean Page Net Worth, Age, Height, Movies, and TV Shows.

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Facts about Rege Jean Page Net Worth, Age, Height, Movies, and TV Shows

Every duchess needs a duke. In the show Bridgerton, Daphne had Simon Basset, portrayed by Rege Jean Page. Rege is well-known in Bridgerton as he flawlessly performed Simon in the Netflix show.

However, Rege had other roles and characters before his time in Bridgerton. Curious to find out those roles? Well, we’re here to help you uncover Rege’s acting career. Also, his bio details like net worth, age, measurements, and movies are explored in the following article.

Rege Jean Page as Briderton cast Simon Basset

The production crew needed a perfect cast for Simon Basset, and luckily, they got Rege Page. With a dashing and charming look, Rege was the ideal cast for a dashing, charming, and handsome Duke of Hastings.

Rege Page played Simon Basset, a straightforward suitor that had no intentions of finding a wife-only to mend his father’s affairs. His life took a quick turn when he met Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) in the palace garden.

Simon had a broken childhood, mainly stemming from his father. He looks at Simon as an heir only and not a son. He wanted his son to be perfect for an heir, but Simon had a speech defect that prevented him from being one.

Unable to go to a good school, Simon was homeschooled by his nursemaids and periodically overcame his speech defect and began speaking very well.

When the duke was dying, Simon hurriedly went to his bedside to accompany him. They were on good terms, but Simon had another plan; not marry and give birth to an heir, implying that the bloodline would die with him.

Rege Jean Page as Briderton cast Simon Basset
Rege Jean Page plays the role of Simon Basset on Bridgertone

This was the case until he met Daphne Bridgerton at a ball. They saw each other in a scandalous situation until they came up with a ruse to distract their suitors and families.

Their relationship was a roller-coaster ride, going back and forth, thus leading to confusion and uncertainty. But eventually, they made amends and started a real relationship.

Finally, Simon married Daphne and had five kids-all of which have alphabetical names to keep the family tradition of the Bridgertons.

Net Worth

Aside from his Simon Basset portrayal, Rege Page had previous breakthrough roles in his career that gave him what he has right now.

As a result of Rege’s talent and effort, he has accumulated a networth amount of $1,500,000.00 – $2,500,000.00.


If you’re curious about Rege Page’s height, weight, and other measurements, here’s the information:

Height: 5’11 or 1.80m

Weight: 76 kg or 167.5 lbs

Birth sign: Capricorn

Rege Jean page height measurements
Rege Jean page

Age and Early Life

Right, let’s talk about Rege’s life before his acting career. Rege Jean Page was born in London on the 27th of April, 1988 (33 years old). His mother is a Zimbabwean native, working as a nurse, while his father was an English preacher in the area.

He initially stayed in Zimbabwe for quite a while with his family, and soon after, he went to London for his secondary school. Speaking of siblings, he’s the third of four children.

After he finished secondary school in the UK, Rege took up acting as a hobby during Saturday schools.

Interestingly enough, Rege Page had the goal of being an engineer, but his approach changed to acting when he participated in the National Youth Theatre classes.

After countless years of auditioning, his admission was accepted in the Drama Center of London.

Movies and TV Shows

Right after his acting and theatrical lessons, Rege Page was ready to dabble in the world of entertainment and theater. Rege began his acting career on stage when he was part of The History Boys and the Merchant of Venice.

Sooner or later in 2015, Rene portrayed Guy Braxton, a talented teacher who’s just a bit clumsy, in the series Waterloo Road.

Later in his career, Rege played several roles for television shows such as Roots and For the People.

Rege Page has landed consistent roles in his career ever since. He starred in the post-apocalyptic movie Mortal Engines, which inspired Ghibli’s Howl’s, Moving Castle.

Finally, he landed his most famous role yet as Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, in the critically acclaimed and loved Netflix show, Bridgerton.

Rege Jean onscreen with her partner, Daphne Bridgerton
Rege Jean onscreen with her partner, Daphne Bridgertone

His performance of Simon was spot-on and loved by viewers of the show. As a result, he received multiple nominations and won two awards: Breakthrough & Outstanding performance from various agencies.


Rege’s physical appearance and charm on-screen made him a beloved actor by all. His talent in portraying his characters is phenomenal, making him one of the most talented actors in the period.

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