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Who is Florence Hunt from “Bridgerton”? Movies & TV shows.

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Florence Hunt from Bridgerton

The 14-year-old child actress Florence Hunt raised her name to fame at a young age. She already immersed herself in the world of acting in her early years. She pursued her dream by enrolling herself in various arts training from the House of Talent, London, and Theatretrain.

Years later, Hunt decided to train in dancing at the Central Dance Academy. After that, she also solidified her skills by joining the London College of Music for her training in lyrical theatre vocals. She further enrolled herself in the Television Workshop for her acting training.

Apart from this, the young actress fell in love with sports. She is active in different games, including gymnastics, netball, skiing, bodyboarding, trampoline, horse riding, and swimming. Because of all these, Florence became one of the most versatile child celebrities in the UK.

Florence Hunt has portrayed a significant role in the Netflix show, Bridgerton.

Movies and TV shows

After numerous years of unceasing hard work, the child actress Florence Hunt finally reached the dream she wanted for herself. She first started her journey in various commercials and advertisements last 2015. Florence debuted her advertisement performance at the 250th Lloyds Bank’s Anniversary.

Finally, after working on a few short commercials, Florence found the opportunity to appear on a big screen. She successfully made her film debut in the 2018 short film Christable, where she played the character of Charlotte. The show highlights the story of Christable, who finds a mysterious woman named Geraldine. Given that Christabel is a woman with a good heart, she provides Geraldine a shelter.

Afterward, the young actress became part of the ever-popular company, Netflix. She cast the 2020 Netflix action series Cursed, portraying the role of the 10-year old Nimue. Nimue, a teenage sorceress, together with Arthur, a charming and young mercenary, is on the mission to save people’s lives.

During her appearance in this film, Florence happily shared her thoughts about the show in one of her Instagram posts. She wrote:

“So happy to be part of this amazing series. BE MORE NIMUE!!”

Florence Hunt shares instagram post about series

On December 25, 2020, Florence became part of the Romance series Bridgerton. In the show, the child star played the character of Hyacinth Bridgerton, alongside the famed actresses and actors in the film industry, including Adjoa Andoh and Julia Andrews.

The show emphasizes England’s Regency period, where the eight close-knit power siblings of Bridgerton attempt to seek love. After the series aired on various platforms, it became one of the most victorious shows in the history of the streaming company.

Her Net Worth

Amidst her age, Florence Hunt has been part of various significant projects. As a result, it comes as no surprise that she accumulated a net worth remarkable for a young actress like her. The Cursed actress reportedly has a net worth ranging from $700 thousand to $900 thousand. She aspires to do more and achieve more in her chosen profession at a young age.

Florence Hunt From Bridgerton as Hyacinth Bridgerton

Among all her successful appearances, Florence Hunt is best recognized for her portrayal as Hyacinth in the Netflix romantic series Bridgerton. In the show, she played the youngest daughter of the Bridgerton family. Hyacinth looks at her elder siblings as great people worthy of being appreciated. Sophisticated and knowing beyond her age, Hyacinth is cheerful and sunny, thrilled to be following in her sisters’ footsteps.

Florence Hunt as Hyacinth on Bridgertone

Florence Hunt as Hyacinth on Bridgertone

In line with her victorious portrayal in the show, the child actress blissfully shared one of her pictures on set. She captioned:

“Privileged to be nominated with the amazing Bridgerton ensemble.”

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