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Will Tilston (Gregory Bridgerton) Age, Movies and TV shows

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Will Tilston Movies and Tv Shows

Who is the young actor who plays the naughty young Bridgerton? Will Tilston is gaining popularity following his performance in the film Goodbye Christopher Robin and the drama series Bridgerton. He is one of the rising stars and famous child actors in show business.

Today, let’s explore relevant information of Will Tilston regarding his age and role in Bridgerton as Gregory Bridgerton.

Will Tilston as Bridgerton Cast Gregory Bridgerton.

Will Tilston is the youngest son and seventh child of Bridgerton, Gregory Bridgerton. Keep an eye on this boy! He may be the youngest, but he’s out to cause some havoc. 

Gregory was such a little boy when their father died, so his elder took the responsibility of raising him and his little sister. A sweet, troublemaker with a kind disposition, Gregory is fond of mocking Hyacinth like typical pea fights at the dining table and grabbing hairs. But that didn’t indicate the two don’t have a great bond. The desire to tease is as strong as the desire to care for one another. 

Bridgerton Cast, Will Tilston
Will Tilston

Gregory from Bridgerton didn’t have much screen time as her elder sister Francesca since he was still young for the societal season. You could also notice the little master from time to time. During Daphne’s debut, he accompanied his elder sister to the palace with his family.

As Bridgerton talked over Daphne’s potential suitors, he played on the floor with Hyacinth. He was also there when the Duke visited to have dinner with their family. Of course, our little Bridgerton couldn’t miss the matrimony of Simon and Daphne. And on another occasion, Gregory and Hyacinth were, again, teasing each other during the announcement of Colin Bridgerton being engaged to Marina Thompson. 

Gregory Bridgerton is living his life as any noble kid should – having a lot of fun.

How old is Will Tilston? Age

Will Tilston is currently 14years of age and will soon turn 15 this coming 12th of January, 2022. The rising actor was born on the 12th of January 2007 with Capricorn as his zodiac sign. 

He claims London, United Kingdom, as his birthplace. He is achieving stardom in his homeland and all over the whole universe since his latest drama project can be watched globally.

Movies and tv shows

Will is one of those actors who achieve success at an early age. In one of his interviews, the young lad described that he loves dancing and even took ballet training at a young age. However, later, he became interested in acting. 

Bridgerton had his first audition at nine and got the role in the hit 2017 film Goodbye Christopher Robin. Many were awed when they discovered that thousands of aspiring young actors came to the audition for the main role in the British drama film. And Will, despite being a rookie in the audition process, landed the sought-after character in just one audition.

He was cast as the 8-year-old Christopher Robin Milne in the A. A. Milne-based film. The film is based on a true story between AA Milne and his son, Christopher Robin, and how he created the book Winnie The Pooh. While Goodbye Christopher Robin earned mixed feedback, Will unexpectedly outshone the rest of the cast. The young actor gained the admiration of many viewers, and he has been respected for his acting talent by critics. 

Will Tilston plays on different movies and Tv shows
Will Tilston

Acting side-by-side with renowned actors Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie, and Kelly MacDonald, Will Tilston came to the spotlight after performing. And he was invited for a TV guesting in Made in Hollywood, Good Morning America, and Lorraine

It was director Simon Curtis who found him. Curtis also discovered Daniel Radcliffe, or famously known as Harry Potter, even up-to-date. And this implies that Will Tilston may have a promising future that awaits him in the entertainment industry, specifically if he chooses to make strides in his acting profession.

Being a successful young actor, Will Tilston is making much money early. However, his net worth and his earnings are still unknown. But whatever the figure is, we all know that it’ll continue to increase as he lands more roles soon.

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